Logan Lerman May Or May Not Be Next Spidey

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Logan LermanThe Internet was certain that Logan Lerman was going to be cast as Peter Parker in the in-the-works film focusing on young Peter's teenage Spider-man life.

Then a source from the movie's studio denied Logan's casting news, so now the Internet is sure that the 18-year-old Percy Jackson and the Olympians star won't be Spidey. But the studio, Sony, at first also denied rumors last year that Spider-Man 4 was on hiatus.

Since Sam Raimi, who directed the first three Spider-Man movies, and Tobey Maguire decided against working on another sequel, Sony has brought on 500 Days of Summer director Marc Webb and is said to be aiming for a more teen-friendly film with its younger p.o.v. But who will star in the title role? It may be Logan, it may not be. Let's just wait for an official announcement, mm'kay?