Lizzy Caplan Was Joking About Being She-Hulk, But This Is Actually The Perfect Role For Her

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My heart leaped when I saw the headline “Lizzy Caplan as She-Hulk?”, then it plummeted when it became clear that she was being cruel and just joking about playing the Marvel superheroine. See, Lizzy and Jesse Bradford star in an Avengers short called Item 47 — you'll be able to watch it on the Blu-ray — about two normal folks who get a Chitauri weapon literally dropped into their laps and use it to start robbing banks instead of fighting evil. So while promoting her other big movie Bachelorette, Lizzy teased Movieline about Marvel actually casting her as one of their famous characters.

“Well, I can definitely foresee Marvel not only asking me to be the star of one of their action movies from that short, but also [asking me] to cast the other people in the movie,” she joked on the red carpet. “So I've been thinking about this a lot, and I think we would be…” Here's where she glanced at Adam and said, “I need to think of some Marvel character… Adam would be the She-Hulk, and I would just be a regular person!”

So, instead of this being an article about legitimate geek casting news, it's yet another joke about Adam Scott being effeminate. (I only just saw Friends with Kids and hadn't seen much else of his work, so it's all fresh for me.) And yet, I seriously believe that Lizzy would be an excellent She-Hulk.

All I know of the character I remember from whatever animated series I watched as a kid: Bruce Banner's cousin Jennifer Walters gets attacked by the mob and almost killed, and Bruce is the only person who can give her a blood transfusion—voila, female Hulk. Considering that Mark Ruffalo‘s Hulk was the best character in Joss Whedon‘s Avengers movie, it would only improve the sequel to give him an ally and protégé of sorts. Lizzy's acerbic, manic humor would be a fun foil to Bruce's brooding nature and self-deprecating jokes… yet I trust that Lizzy could also carry off the gravitas where necessary, because there is just as much angst wrapped up in being She-Hulk as there is for Hulk.

Would you watch Lizzy as She-Hulk?

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