Lizzy Caplan Doesn’t Let Reddit Scare Her, Comes Up With Kickass Answers In Her AMA

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Lizzy Caplan Reddit AMA Party Down Adam Scott Save the DateSo much good stuff this week to fan the flames of my various girl crushes! As if you didn't know already, Lizzy Caplan sounds like the coolest. She chooses smart, incisive roles in great comedies but also comes across as incredibly witty and fearless in interviews. To promote her new indie romantic comedy Save the Date, she made herself a Reddit account and set up an Ask Me Anything (AMA) discussion. As she says in her opening statement, “Ask me things. You don't scare me.”

The result is the perfect support for why we need to see more female celebrities on Reddit! You've got beloved childhood authors like K.A. Applegate providing witty answers, and folks like Anna Kendrick adopting viral video tricks for movies. Then there's Lizzy, who entertains the usual questions about Party Down and banters with the Redditors. Yet she also infuses her answers with enough honesty that I take her more seriously than other actresses in other interviews.

So without further ado, here are the nine best answers from Lizzy Caplan's AMA!

When asked if she would want her own writing/directing deal like Louis CK:

Well, if you're giving them out… Yes, I do have interest in writing and directing…but I'm far too lazy and scared to actually attempt those things. Perhaps when I'm older and my red hair starts to fall out, I will gain the confidence needed.

Her role on Freaks and Geeks. (Fun fact: Martin Starr is in Save the Date.)

i was very young and stupid when I did that show. So i mostly sat quivering in the corner…too afraid to talk to anybody. I take zero credit for how awesome that show it…but i milk it for cred often and aggressively.

How many girls have told her that they have a huge lesbian crush on her?

Oh weird, that is a line from Mean Girls. And here I thought I had crazy lesbian game. It was more fun than a pillow fight.

Working with Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fisher, and Rebel Wilson in Bachelorette:

It was like my 16th birthday every minute of every day. But with less vomiting and tears.

Fuck/Marry/Kill – Adam Scott, Craig Robinson, Rob Corddry:

Fuck craig—obvs Marry Rob—mainly bc I'd get to see his wife regularly when she's dropping off the kids Kill Adam–it must be done.

I really liked this question, where one Redditor asked if she switches from her normal sarcastic voice to a “serious business” one when she's trying to make a point:

i only use a serious business voice. still never fucking works.

So many people asked about Party Down, but one Redditor got the perfect answer out of Lizzy. First he asked himself if he would watch a Party Down movie, and his answer was “Probably!” She responded,

We are gonna have to hold off on shooting that until your answer changes to yes. It's in your hands.

Not to mention this wonderfully candid response when asked if she'd ever had any weird interactions with A-listers:

One day, if we find ourselves running into each other drunk at a little bar on the beach in Costa Rica, I will answer this question honestly.

Where she'd like her career to go next:

As long as it doesn't go down the toilet…I'll be happy. I's love to star on a Disney tv show, but they keep telling me that's not an option

I heart this.

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