It’s Just So Brave Of Lizzy Caplan To Come Out And Say That Men Can Be Funny

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Look, I love Lizzy Caplan. I think she's talented and I think she's funny and I think if this world was fair and just, Janis Ian would be president. And by “this world”, I mean the made up world that I live in where she's a real person and Justin Bieber is just a skidmark in Scooter Braun's underwear. In case you don't watch Mean Girls once a month and in case you didn't catch the first season of Masters of Sex, you can catch up with Lizzy right here and right now.

She recently went on Comedy Bang! Bang! to talk about men, and if they're underrepresented in Hollywood. Which is a dumb question, because duh. Women get everything, including, but not limited to, a wide variety of awesome roles. Naturally the conversation about under-representation led to the question we're always being forced to answer: are men funny? Which, to me, is a major duh because the answer is so in your face. No men aren't funny! That's like asking “can a man legally change a diaper?” or “is it ethical for baby boys to cry?” They're all big, fat no's.

Show host Scott Aukerman's totally on the same page as me. And not just because I'm a woman! Because it's a fact. Lizzy, on the other hand, comes out and says that men can be funny. While I obviously disagree with her (as does everyone), I do think it's brave of her to say it aloud. Especially when having an opinion this controversial could ruin her career as well as her credibility. Seriously, you've gotta give her props for having the vagina-balls to say this on camera.

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