Lizzy Caplan is Now a Master of Sex. And That’s Only Okay When I Say It.

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Lizzy Caplan, most well-known for her role as the charmingly bitter Janice Ian in Mean Girls, is having a pretty good year so far. She kicked off 2012 by starring in two films at Sundance: Bachelorette and Save the Date. And then followed that impressive act up today by getting cast alongside Michael Sheen in Showtime‘s Masters of Sex pilot.

The show's based on Thomas Maier's book,  “Masters of Sex: The Life and Times of William Masters and Virgina Johnson, The Couple Who Taught America How To Love.”  With such amazing credentials, I'm shocked I've never heard of William Masters and Virginia Johnson. It's not every couple who can say that they taught America how to love. Although while they were at it, they could have taught America how to do a few other things too. Off the top of my head:  how to wear the right amount of cologne, how to take a hint and how to never sport a chinstrap. People need to learn to use their powers for good — as well as for sex.

Sex masters aside, I'm very excited for Lizzy Caplan. Not only do I quote Janice Ian on a way too frequent basis, but I loved her in Party Down. Between her two Sundance films and this new show, 2012 could be her year to become a breakout comedy star.  Speaking for Damien and myself, and I'm always speaking for the both of us, we're ready for it to happen.