Lionsgate Is Getting Sued For $10 Million For Dropping Out Of Its Hunger Games Nail Polish Contract [Updated]

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Remember when colors from a Hunger Games-inspired nail polish collection got leaked, only for Lionsgate to deny any involvement? Now it seems that the studio can no longer feign ignorance, since they're being sued for $10 million by American International Industries for breach of contract.

I seem to have been the only person who liked the first set of colors, with choices like “Fire in Flight” and “Joined at the Seam.” As for this legal mess, both parties are pointing fingers, each alleging that the other is responsible for the deal being in tatters. However, both seem to agree that the problems started when the China Glaze colors ended up online, regardless of whether or not they were leaked.

So far we've only heard from American, as Lionsgate hasn't provided an official statement. Here's how it breaks down, all according to the beauty company's suit:

  • Although they finalized the deal in October, shortly thereafter Lionsgate told the press that they “were merely ‘discussing' a ‘possible' promotional deal” and asked American to say the same. American said no, which led to Lionsgate breaking the contract.
  • Rumor has it that Lionsgate backed out of the deal when the overwhelming majority of reactions were lackluster at best.
  • Lionsgate's defense is that American leaked the colors to the press, though American denies that.

The third reason seems the most likely; after all, the first set of colors just appeared online two weeks ago, with no fanfare. It appears that Lionsgate was trying to say as little as possible about the deal until we got closer to the movie's March 2012 release date.

I just hope this doesn't affect any other tie-in deals that Lionsgate may have set up with other manufacturers. We need to get back to a time where you can buy tasteful stuff that represents your favorite movie, as opposed to all the Hot Topic Twilight bullshit.

Update: Lionsgate just officially announced the nail polish collection, so no more lawsuit!