The Lion King Cast Sings ‘Circle Of Life’ On A Plane, Everything The Light Touches Is Awesome

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Lion King Circle of Life Simba

I think a lot of my fellow '90s kids would agree with me when I say that hearing Disney songs, especially ones from movies that came out when I was a kid, instantly puts me in a good mood. That's doubly true when the song is something as majestic as “The Circle of Life.” So watching the Australian cast of the Lion King stage musical start singing it spontaneously on a plane gives me all the feels.

Apparently the show's cast was so pumped after spending the day at the show's season launch in Brisbane that on their flight back to Sydney they couldn't keep the glorious music to themselves and decided to just belt out the iconic song from their seats. I'm glad they chose “Circle of Life,” which gives me goosebumps whether I'm hearing it in a theater or on my computer, but a more appropriate choice would probably have been “Hakuna Matata.” Because really, what embodies a no worries attitude better than singing at the top of your lungs before a flight takes off?

I think we can all agree that this is way better in-flight entertainment than, say, having Hilaria Baldwin's rogue leg almost hit you in the face as she does yoga. It's also preferable to having some random non-professional sing the song under their breath in the seat next to you all flight. Assuming the cast quieted down afterwards and allowed their fellow passengers to read their books or take their naps or finish their crossword puzzles, I say this is just plain awesome. And isn't it great to listen to a rousing rendition of a Disney song that's not “Let It Go”? It was starting to feel like other songs — Disney or otherwise — simply didn't exist anymore.

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