Lindsay’s Rep Talks Weight Loss

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Lindsay s Rep Talks Weight Loss spl75458 003 jpgLindsay Lohan’s rep recently spoke up about Lindsay’s dramatic weight loss. According to the NY Post, the issue has been stress:

“Lindsay is aware that she’s lost some weight due to stress, but we recently did a photo shoot and she ate two full meals.”

People are all making fun of that “two full meals” statement, but during a time span of a photoshoot, that’s a decent amount of food. I am sad to hear that Lindsay does appear to be struggling, no matter the cause.

Last week, Lindsay & her family appeared shopping in New York City, with photos of a startling thin Lindsay that sparked rumors of an eating disorder. In 2006, Lindsay admitted to being bulimic, so I hope it’s not a return to that.

Images: splashnewsonline.com