Lindsay Throws Housewarming

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Lindsay Lohan threw a housewarming party last night with family and friends. The paparazzi first got in Lindsay's face as she arrived home that night, asking her if she was drunk. Lindsay is quoted as responding with “I don't drink alcohol”, then yelling to “go harass Samantha”. Nice!

It looks like the paparazzi then climbed a tree to get footage of the window inside Lindsay's kitchen, showing Dina Lohan at first, then later Ali arriving home. The family then goes to SLS Hotel. I'm not sure at what point any of that qualifies as a “housewarming party”, but that's what was said.

Lindsay also posted to her MySpace about her Funny or Die spot, saying “i just think it's better to take something negative and turn it into something good… laughter is the BEST medicine”