Lindsay & Sam at Disneyland

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Lindsay Lohan and Sam at DisneylandLindsay Lohan & girlfriend Samantha Ronson opted for a day of fun yesterday. And no, that doesn't mean shopping! The girls went with a group of friends to Disneyland!!

The video shows Lindsay dressed very casually for her day in the park. Lindsay & her friends came to the park prepared with umbrellas to block the photographers from taking Lindsay's photos. However, you can see in the video that they still managed to get some shots of Lindsay while on the rides and looking in the stores.

The last time Lindsay was at Disneyland was also with Samantha Ronson in September (as pictured). The girls had a great time, even buying a set of mouse ears with Halloween themed designs.

Here's the video of Lindsay & Sam at Disneyland on March 4th:

Image: Newscom