Lindsay Lohan’s Faux Fur Vest

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For the past week, Lindsay Lohan has been spotted out wearing an ivory faux fur vest.
On Nov. 18, Lindsay tweeted about it:

“Check out this line and its amazing faux fur, new organic and chic! xox lindsay”

Lindsay Lohan s faux fur vest veggie vest the battalion fixed jpg

According to The Battalion website, the Munro veggie fur and leather reversible vest is priced at $220 featuring cream faux fur and black lining.

“Lush faux fur, super soft. You won’t be able to tell it’s not real rabbit fur,” the website says.

Though I don’t see it available on the website, it also must be available as a jacket because it looks like Lindsay is wearing the jacket in reverse in this photo.

The vest is made from recycled polyester and the lining is reversible. There’s also another version of the vest that features a plaid design on the other side.

Image: The Battalion