Lindsay Lohan’s Diary Missing Pages

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Lindsay Lohan last week lost her diary. First, losing it is a big thing. Having it is another big thing – since it would seem inevitable it would get into the wrong hands. Second, it came back (which is weird). The buzz is, however, that pagers are missing:

it seems that a few pages from the volume were torn out before the item found its way back to the 19-year-old actress (according to New York Daily News columnist Ben Widdicombe, Lohan’s diary was pinched during a night out at Manhattan’s Maritime Hotel). Usually, this is the point at which most young women promise themselves not to be so careless with a journal memorializing personal thoughts about assorted love interests and family matters. Lohan, of course, instead turned to the high-priced legal battalion at Los Angeles’s Lavely & Singer to send out threatening letters to publications warning them not to print anything from the purloined pages.

I cannot attest to the accuracy of these claims, nor to whether or not the legal notices are in fact true legal notices. I have, for a fact, not received one here at Lohan Groupie.

Do you think any of this is true?

Via The Smoking Gun