Lindsay Lohan with no panties

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Lindsay Lohan has been caught without her panties. Or so the media says… today. It's been a battle about what is the true picture and what is the photoshopped version. There is one that shows her "firecrotch" and one that shows plain old panties – ugly ones at that.

The photographer who captured Lindsay Lohan in this Oops Moment is now claiming that the panties-less photo is the original. I have not wanted to post this for my own doubts about it's authenticity.

If indeed the Oops Moment is real, apparently our Lindsay Lohan likes to get the Brazillian treatment…

Photo 1 Direct Link ; Photo 2 Direct Link

What do you think? Which one is more likely? With the panties or without? Is Lindsay Lohan a baggy pink panties girl, or is she a Brazillian commando girl?

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