Lindsay Lohan May Be Off The Wagon, According To The Creepy Photog Who Looked Through Her Window

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Lindsay Lohan leaving spa in New York City September 2013

In disappointing Lindsay Lohan news, TMZ is reporting that she might be “reaching for trouble” and drinking again, based on a suspicious photograph. If Lindsay really is back to alcohol after completing rehab, that's disappointing in itself. But the disappointing aspect of this story that I really want to focus on is the photograph TMZ obtained. It depicts Lindsay reaching for what looks like a wine bottle in the Hollywood Hills home where she was reportedly staying before flying back to New York. It looks to have been taken through a window without Lindsay's knowledge.

Not only does this suggest that someone who knew Lindsay was there may have tipped off the paparazzi, which is sad in itself, but we can all agree that taking a photo of someone through the window of a private home goes too far, right? When it really comes down to it, Lindsay's sober status is ultimately none of our business, particularly when it requires such a blatant invasion of privacy to discover it. I'm not one to really feel bad for Lindsay on the reg considering her sense of entitlement and refusal to take responsibility for her actions, but I must say she got my sympathy when I glimpsed this photo. Sober or not, famous or not famous, no one deserves to have their privacy invaded like that.

TMZ is also reporting that Lindsay's sober coach is no longer staying with her, having been with her in New York after she finished rehab. LiLo can apparently “do it on her own now.” If she did indeed drink from that wine bottle, that might not be the case. Of course, there's no evidence of Lindsay actually holding the bottle or drinking from the bottle or any concrete proof that it was a wine bottle at all. This lack of evidence is pretty suspicious to me personally. Lindsay's dad Michael also gave a statement saying she's not off the wagon, but that doesn't really have any effect on my opinion, since he's Michael Lohan. Regardless, let's please declare this method of photographing celebrities to be the height of creepiness and the definition of “crossing the line.”

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