Lindsay Lohan Tweets About Stalker

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Lindsay Lohan has also been glued to her Twitter account in the last couple of days, ever since discovering she could post from her BlackBerry! However, over several tweets, Lindsay tells us about a run-in she had with a stalker last night:

“Then a guy creepy guy comes up & starts video taping! Not a PAP! Appears outta nowhere says he knows where I live (obvi off camera)&says he is helping me!! But when I, 2minz later asked him 2 delete the photo-he says no.its for his own protection that he cannot! Oh-sorry?ur the stalker that is scaring me…he says “I won't put it out anywhere” &i said, well then y can't u delete it sir? He got aggressive&sprinted”

Lindsay thought we all deserved the heads-up about this since some other story will likely be in the tabloids!

The rest of her recent updates ramble a bit about Eminem and Ludacris and even Will Smith. Lots of random updates! Some of her updates include:

this is a movie that i actually was close to being in.. i look too young 🙁 IT'S GOING TO BE AMAZING-check it out”

“I feel so sorry for people that have friends who don't support them. They aren't your true friends…friends support the good no matter what”

There's also a long ramble from yesterday about Lindsay Lohan out with friends Jamie, Patrick, Roman and Ali Lohan. They stopped for cigarettes at a gas station on the way to an Asher Roth concert. The attendant wouldn't sell the cigarettes because of the paparazzi flashes. This is when the stalker story started.

The last updates to Lindsay's twitter account indicate she's taking a flight somewhere and she leaves with a cryptic:

“@samantharonson thank you…. for pushing me to what u wanted”

Weird! Wonder what that one means?

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