Who’s Crazier: Lindsay Lohan For Trashing Elizabeth Taylor’s Trailer, Or The Woman Who Bought This Trailer With Her Life Savings?

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Lindsay Lohan trash trailer Elizabeth Taylor Liz & Dick Angel Alger damageThe set of Liz & Dick, either Lifetime's ballsiest or dumbest choice, continues to be a shitshow as word gets out that one of the trailers was horribly trashed. But it wasn't just your typical trailer—this belonged to Elizabeth Taylor herself, from when she was filming Cleopatra back in 1963. And someone has kicked the shit out of it: There are broken dishes, shattered mirrors, and a missing rocking chair. The trailer's owner estimates the damage at being close to $100,000.

One guess for who's responsible.

Well, perhaps that's not entirely fair. Everyone assumes that Liz & Dick star Lindsay Lohan trashed the place, presumably in a fit of rage and/or drunkenness, but her reps quickly denied any involvement: “Lindsay has the utmost respect and admiration for Elizabeth Taylor, and any insinuation that she had anything to do with the damage to the trailer is preposterous.”

Angel Alger, who bought the trailer the day before all this went down, talked to HLN about how broken up she is about the damage. When she purchased the trailer, it was on the condition that it had already been rented out to the film. Not to use as a set piece, as I thought, but for reference as they recreated the love nest. Because yes, this is where the infamous Elizabeth Taylor/Richard Burton affair was consummated.

But let's backtrack for a sec. Angel Alger freely told HLN that she basically spent her life savings on the trailer; she was preparing to put a down payment on her house when she came across this piece of Hollywood memorabilia. If Lindsay or someone from her entourage did indeed trash the place, that's some incredibly stupid shit to do on a production where your credibility and reliability are already strained. However, it's difficult for me to take Ms. Alger seriously when she drops that much money on what amounts to (in my mind) a gigantic prop. The woman obviously knows her pop culture, so I'm surprised she wasn't wary about letting her new beloved possession within a hundred feet of LiLo.

Photo: Miguel Aguilar/Nate Jones, PacificCoastNews.com