Lindsay Lohan Senses Us Forgetting Her, Reminds Us Via Instagram That She Has Boobs

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Lindsay Lohan Senses Us Forgetting Her  Reminds Us Via Instagram That She Has Boobs Lindsay Lohan topless Instagram photo jpg

Because apparently the Cannes Film Festival will let anybody and their mother in, Lindsay Lohan was there this weekend. And she made sure to fill all her Instagram followers in on what she was doing, especially the part where she was hanging out topless taking selfies. As you can see from the photo above, there doesn’t appear to be anything clothing her breastseses. Unless she’s got a very saggy tube top or an ill-fitting bikini on.

Lindsay captioned the photo, “#isCANNESQuicheENUF ?! #ily @mannyuk.” That would appear to be Manny, her stylist friend. So I guess there might be some reason she’d stand next to him without a shirt on, but of course putting one on for the sake of a random out-of-context selfie is just too much of a bother. And also defeats the entire purpose of taking the selfie in the first place.

Let us not forget that Lindsay has become the master of the almost-topless Instagram shot. We got a taste of the sideboob last fall, and then soon after that we got up close and personal with her phantom nipple. Is it a nipple? Is it not a nipple? Is it just a shadow? Or a sunburn? We still don’t know for sure. But what we can be pretty confident about is that Lindsay Lohan wants us to know she has boobs, and she’s savvy enough to get around Instagram’s “don’t be naked” policy by only showing us enough that we know what’s going on in that area. Or what’s not going on, if you know what I mean. What’s not going on is her wearing a shirt, by the way.

And it does seem to be just about topless time. I mean, her reality show ended, that whole sex list scandal has died down, and Coachella is over. What’s a girl to do besides give us a look at the top of her cleavage? Classic Linds, am I right?

(Photo: Instagram)