In More Lindsay Lohan News, Uncle Sam Has Seized All Her Bank Accounts

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In More Lindsay Lohan News  Uncle Sam Has Seized All Her Bank Accounts lindsaylohan 640x960 jpg

Say what? Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay. I thought Lifetime said that starring as Elizabeth Taylor would be Lindsay Lohan‘s comeback role. I guess they didn’t realize that Lindsay Lohan starring as Lindsay Lohan in real life would trump their made for TV movie. Since Liz And Dick‘s release, Lindsay has been making headlines, and not with rave reviews of her performance, either. Her bar fights and racial slurs and arrests have been getting far more attention than her acting.

And now, just to spice up her starring role in reality (Lindsay Lohan: Hotmess) Lindsay’s gone and gotten all her bank accounts seized by Uncle Sam. Financial shit is admittedly less exciting than gypsy fights, but what the hell. A real shit show should always include some outstanding tax debts.

Of course the IRS has seized all of Lindsay’s bank accounts, because how else are they gonna get paid back? Lindsay allegedly owes Uncle Sam $233,904 in unpaid federal taxes, and he’s coming to collect. Apparently the IRS takes its debts more seriously than the Chateau Marmont. Sorry, Charlie Sheen, looks like that check you cut Lindsay just wasn’t enough.

Hmm, I wonder if this whole mess is going to turn into a Barbara Walters interview ploy? Maybe the producers of Scary Movie 5 will agree to help Lindsay out if she actually does the interview this time, since that plan worked so well for the producers of Liz And Dick. Remember when they who agreed to pay Lindsay’s $46,000 hotel bill in exchange for an interview that never happened? All this time we thought Lindsay was just backing out for the sake of backing out (or because she’s afraid of Barbara Walters), but could the real reason be that she was holding out for the interview that would pay her tax debts?

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