I Don’t Know Who’s More Desperate, Lindsay Lohan Or Scores Strip Club

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Oh, what Lindsay Lohan wouldn't do for some real white diamonds right about now!  Since  her portrayal of Elizabeth Taylor was anything but authentic, I'm going to assume she wasn't offered any of Ms. Taylor's famed jewels as a token of gratitude.  Because maybe if she had, she wouldn't be embroiled in such a dilemma: Lindsay will have to forsake her storage facility belongings (she owes over $16 grand in rent- whoopsies!) or work for the famous (infamous?) Scores strip club to cover the debt.

While we all have debt and I don't think it's fair of Scores to only offer online chat hosting services to celebrities, I think it's safe to say only Lindsay Lohan could find herself in a predicament like this.  Scores claims the chat hosting doesn't require nudity, but since there's not a human being on earth who hasn't seen Lohan's freckled tits, I doubt nudity would be an issue.

Scores has also offered to pay the rent on Lindsay's Beverly Hills mansion for the next couple of months.  What about the rent for my two-bedroom, flood-prone shack, I ask?  Ugh, this is so not fair you guys.  I don't have access to monetary offers from Charlie Sheen or famous strip clubs!  Lame.

Lindsay hasn't made a public comment regarding the offer just yet, but she caved into Playboy for the right price.  Although I am crossing my fingers that she turns them down just so we can see Storage Wars: The Lohan Edition.  Can you imagine what might be in Lindsay Lohan's storage unit?  Mean Girls memorabilia (since it's really her only major film other than The Parent Trap) and 1,000 shades of red hair dye would be my obvious guesses.  Maybe one of Dina Lohan‘s old Rockettes costumes.  Either way, the Lohan crazy train doesn't look like it's making any stops any time soon.


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