The People Who Stole LiLo’s Laptop Are Tweeting As Her And Demanding Money

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Lindsay Lohan attending Z100 Jingle Ball December 2013

The plot thickens in the Lindsay Lohan laptop theft case, as her naked photos apparently aren't the only thing on the line anymore.

The computer was stolen from an airport in Shanghai on Tuesday, January 6th, which we know because LiLo tweeted about it right away, saying, “It was great to be in China and I want to thank everyone for their hospitality, however someone has stolen my computer at the airport.” But according to Radar, it was actually the thieves themselves who tweeted that stiff and informative message, as they were able to log straight into Lindsay's Twitter and wanted to let her know that they knew the computer was hers. And that she'd have to do some things to get it back.

“It’s an extortion plot, plain and simple. They were able to access her computer immediately.”

Apparently they've since made contact with Lindsay demanding that she pay them off in order to get the laptop back safe. And since it contains not only the aforementioned naked pictures but also emails to and from famous friends of hers like Woody Allen and Lady Gaga, it seems like there's a chance her team might actually pay it. Especially since they have been trying desperately to  “wipe the computer remotely, but have not had any luck…yet.”

I don't know though guys, this is super weird. We've all seen Lindsay almost naked via Instagram anyway, so maybe better not to engage these people? Especially if they're so comfortable hopping on your Twitter and revealing themselves and their crime. That seems like a no-no, right? Isn't this how the Bling Ring got caught? I'm not saying I want the thieves to win, but maybe they should institute some new rules for their club — like the first rule of Bling Ring is that there is no Bling Ring. Or something.

(Photo: PNP / WENN.com)