Lindsay Lohan Starts Using New Twitter Account

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Lindsay Lohan is finally migrating her Twitter followers over from her Sevinnyne6126 account to her new Lindsaylohan account. Her old account had more than 349,000 followers, while the new account has a little under 50,000. But we know that will change as soon as people realize she has a new account!

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Lindsay has had the new account set up for a while now, but randomly started posting to the new one in the last day or so. In fact, Lindsay has been Tweeting up a storm in the last 24 hours!

This is what Lindsay told one follower on Twitter about her new account:

@AndreiaPerryFan I still have @sevinnyne6126 but I’ll be using @Lindsaylohan much more!

Her first Tweet was directed at girlfriend Samantha Ronson.

@samantharonson FLY SAFE… love you

Lindsay also commented on her love of Paris, being in love and her time in Singapore.

I love Paris, and the smell of my favorite place to stay. 🙂

RT @coffeeman3lb: @lindsaylohan aaaaah paris in the fall… Are you going too fall in love? Haha I’m already in love w/someone! Silly

RT @imChildish: @lindsaylohan do you enjoy singapore lindsay….. ??? I LOOOOVED SINGAPORE! We all had. Wonderful time 🙂

Mainly, Lindsay has been asking other celebrities if they are going to attend Paris Fashion Week, and presumably, the launch of Emanuel Ungaro’s new collection, which Lindsay helped design. Among the celebrities she has Tweeted include Miley Cyrus, Sara Silverman, Lily Allen and Samantha Ronson’s sister, fashion designer Charlotte Ronson.

@mileycyrus will you be in Paris this week? would you like to come to the Emanuel Ungaro show for the new collection i’ve designed love? xo*

Lindsay also spoke directly to her fans via Twitter — one about an autograph and another about her next album.

RT @DaveSeow: @lindsaylohan Thanks for signing an autograph 4 my niece when you were in Singapore. You made her day. anytime!!!!

RT @chris__perkins: @lindsaylohan when does your new single or album come out?? we’ve been waiting.. When I get to NY to finish w/my label!

Image: splashnewsonline.com (Lindsay Lohan shopping in Paris on Tuesday)