Lindsay Lohan Went A Whole Month Before Calling In Sick To Her Play, Let’s Give Her A Round Of Applause

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Lindsay Lohan Went A Whole Month Before Calling In Sick To Her Play  Let s Give Her A Round Of Applause Lindsay Lohan is there anything better than someone making a comeback GIF gif

There are a lot of things Lindsay Lohan is very bad at: acting, wearing shirts in her Instagram photos, acting, acting, etc. But there’s one thing she’s consistently very good at, and that’s being totally unreliable. In fact, it’s the one thing we can rely on her for. Isn’t it ironic? Don’t you think? Considering just how reliably unreliable she’s come to be, I would have predicted her to miss a show or two or seven of her current London play Speed-the-Plow very early in its run. But it took her a whole month!

According to Celebuzz, yesterday Lindsay announced on Twitter that she was too sick to perform, telling her fans how sorry she was. The tweet has since been deleted, for whatever Lindsay Lohan reason, but here’s what it apparently said:

“So sorry everyone but Im too ill to perform and down for the count. Dr wants me to rest. Wont make shows 2nt but pls enjoy #speedtheplow XxL”

Previews for the play started back in late September, when Lindsay reportedly had to have lines fed to her multiple times. It seemed like a sign of embarrassing and/or irresponsible and/or trainwrecky things to come, including but not limited to Lindsay skipping out on a performance early on, or maybe just walking out in the middle of the play because she needs a cigarette. I really wouldn’t put anything past her.

Going a whole month is actually pretty impressive, and as far as I can tell she didn’t pull a Sam Smith and Instagram a photo from a karaoke bar, although she did share an elevator selfie today. Conspiracy theorist that I am, of course, I’ve been scanning her tweet for clues. She says XxL at the end. Is that supposed to mean “kisses, kisses, Lindsay” or “I’m playing hooky and going to be an extra in the Magic Mike sequel“? Make sure you keep an eye out for her in the strip club scenes. I might be right.

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