Lindsay Lohan Can’t Even Do Her Scary Movie 5 Cameo Right

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Lindsay Lohan Scary Movie 5 cameo mess missed flight walking pneumonia Charlie Sheen kissThe studio behind Scary Movie 5 must've known that they were making a gamble when they signed on Lindsay Lohan to play herself in a cameo, but after these reports from the New York Post‘s Page Six, you can bet they're really kicking themselves. Unsurprisingly, LiLo is being quite a diva, cooking up various excuses not to actually go on-set and blowing off rehearsals and wardrobe fittings. All this for a short cameo!

A source says that Lindsay freaked out when she actually read her scene: The writers get in some digs at her failed career and tabloid troubles, and at one point she has to kiss fellow trainwreck Charlie Sheen. (Our initial reaction is “yuck” too, though more for him than her.) So, she “missed” her flight to the set and then started saying she had walking pneumonia and couldn't do the shoot.

“She is under contract—so to get out of it, she had to prove that she was sick,” the insider said. “She tried to prove she has walking pneumonia.” It's insane that a grown woman is acting like a child who doesn't want to go to school, faking sick so she won't have to keep a commitment. Ultimately, some unnamed Hollywood legal type threatened to sue Lindsay for breach of contract, and the studio sent a private jet to pick her up. The insider added, “Even Charlie Sheen worried she might not be able to do the scene.” Gotta agree with Dlisted on this, if Charlie Sheen is worried about you, you're not in a good place. I just don't get how we can have twitpics like this…

Lindsay Lohan watching VMAs twitpic normal

…where Lindsay looks so normal and even content, but every story we hear about her just gets more pathetic than the last! Someone please explain this to me. And someone also please explain why Dimension Films thought they had a chance in hell of getting a good performance out of Linds.

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