Lindsay Lohan Receives One-Way Ticket To Europe Post-Rehab, So Let’s Guess Where She’ll End Up

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Lindsay Lohan Receives One Way Ticket To Europe Post Rehab  So Let s Guess Where She ll End Up Lindsay Lohan LAX April 2013 jpg

It looks like a Eurotrip is in Lindsay Lohan‘s future–something everyone should do immediately post-rehab!  Yeah, that’s a great idea.  I mean, most European countries are known for having a zero-tolerance policy regarding drugs and alcohol.  Oh wait just kidding… pretty much anything goes in a lot of European countries!

Reportedly, a friend of Lohan’s purchased a one-way ticket for her as a reward for “a job well done,” and in order to properly do that this “friend” thought sending her to the land of marijuana, booze, and absinthe would be the perfect Temptation Island-esque test for the vulnerable and freshly sober Lohan.  And good call on not getting a return ticket, pal.  It’ll be a true testament to Lindsay’s newly discovered self-control and boundaries.  Good thing she can’t stay over there long, otherwise Oprah will probably send a few members of the Harpo army over there to bring her back and/or kill her.

I sincerely hope Lindsay ends up in a remote Greek island resort or something and not any of the following places, based on my own Eurotrip experience:

1.) Amsterdam
Okay, this is a no-brainer.  You can purchase hundreds of different types of weed just about anywhere you see a “coffee shop” sign, and there are actual absinthe bars.  The last thing Lindsay needs right now is a dime bag of White Widow and visions of the green fairy.

2.) Berlin
A 12-year-old can walk up to any vending machine in the city and buy a beer out of it.  Even at a McDonald’s.  Lindsay probably shouldn’t send herself to a city where you can get a can of cheap pilsner and a Hamburger Royale in the same place.

3.) Dark alleys in northern France and other places an American can easily purchase hash
It took about twenty minutes before the group of guys we were with to find, purchase, and melt a block of hash into a suitable smoking consistency.  Hash > weed when we’re talking about getting high (from what I heard/saw, not experienced… yeah, we’ll go with that).  Lindsay Lohan is better off at the Ritz in Paris.

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