Everybody Can Relax Because Dina Lohan Says Lindsay Is ‘Happy’ To Be In Rehab

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Lindsay Lohan attending Scary Movie 5 premiere April 2013

Obviously this is Lindsay Lohan‘s world and we're all just occupying it.  That is really the only logical conclusion I can come to after this really confusing week full of emotional Lindsay turmoil, pre-rehab Chanel pit stops, rehab swapping, and hours contemplating the most accurate guesstimation for our Lindsay Lohan Rehab Pool.  Fortunately for moi, Dina Lohan‘s recent statements reassured me that Lindsay is on the right path.  LOL just kidding!

“I am so relieved and thankful that Lindsay is getting the help she needs in a credible place,” Dina says. “She actually wanted to go, whether the court said to or not. She is happy there, to get introspective and get back on the right track.”


Yes, because someone who's ready to make a change in her life (for the billionth time) probably would need an appropriate amount of time for reflection at Coachella, The Late Show, and a movie premiere — all of which I'm sure helped her figure out which rehab center could provide the best all-around combination of these things (holler for Betty Ford y'all).

In case you're still feeling doubts about the girl who laughs in the face of sobriety (and then coughs in the face of sobriety because you know, cigs) Dina is quick to assuage our fears and E!'s desire for a dramatic statement:

“Lindsay is gonna be okay.  She has a different frame of mind this time. She realizes and she knows she needs help this time. She was like, ‘I'm sorry, Mommy.' And I tell her, ‘Don't say you are sorry. You just have to work on yourself and on getting well. Don't beat yourself up.  The bottom line is that [addiction] is a disease. It is a gene. Pretty much one in every family in the world carries it. It is difficult. You just have to heal.”

Two things: 1.) I'm willing to bet that most of Lindsay's problems could stem from/have something to do with the fact that she's almost 27 years old and she still refers to her mother as “mommy”; and 2.) Oh hai, Dina.  You're addicted to fame, brassy blonde hair color, and I'm willing to bet you're the only person still doing ‘ludes in 2013. Maybe you can take Lindsay's spot at Seafield.

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