Turns Out LiLo Wasn’t In The Mood For Rehab Yesterday, She’ll Feel It Out Again Today

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You know how somedays you wake up and you're totally craving rehab and other days you wake up and you're like not really in the mood for it. According to Radar Online, that's exactly what happened to Lindsay Lohan. Sure she went to Morningside Rehab yesterday, but after hearing about all the old-timey rules — such as no doing drugs — she decided it wasn't the right place for her. At least not this week. We'll see how she feels after the weekend. You know, after she has some time to relax and really think about it.

The good news for her is that there's really only one minor itsy-bitsy issue with her leaving rehab right after she started it. And it's that her lawyer, Mark Heller, spent the day trying to convince the judge that it was okay that she went to an unapproved rehab (that's Morningside for those who don't follow this story on a minute-by-minute basis) because she was already settling in, getting used to the routine, talking to new people and exchanging friendship bracelets as well as dark secrets.

Meanwhile Lindsay actually spent the day calling up her old lawyer Shawn Holley and asking her to please, please help her get out of this rehab mess. It's like so, so annoying — especially with summer right around the corner. So Shawn Holley spent her night working on behalf of Linds, despite the fact that Linds currently owes her close to 300K. And now she's rumored to be going to the Betty Ford Center instead of Morningside or that no-good-horrible place in the Hamptons that wouldn't let her smoke cigarettes.

Rumor has it that if she's not there today, there will be a warrant issued for her arrest. Except there won't be ever. Because if I've learned anything from Lindsay Lohan, it's that she lives in a world with no consequences. She's like that kid who learned early on that when your parents say “go to bed now or else,” there is no “or else.” There's just another day and another lawyer and another chance. I can't wait to see her on the beach this summer!

(Photo: David Tonnessen,PacificCoastNews)