Conspiracy Theory: Lindsay Lohan’s Comeback Interviews Guilted Her Into Dyeing Her Hair Back To Red

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Lindsay Lohan red hair Saturday Night Live interviews Matt LauerIn the weeks leading up to what was ultimately a lackluster hosting job on Saturday Night Live, Lindsay Lohan tried to convince us that she was “in on the joke” and happy to have the show poke fun at her. But I think she didn't gamble on all of the judgment she would get during her pre-SNL press tour.

LiLo gave a series of “comeback” interviews to outlets including the Today show. While Matt Lauer respectfully probed into her sobriety, the producers played Lindsay's responses over video footage of her last appearance on Today, when she was healthier, clearer-headed, and a redhead. Every outlet did this, in what we have to imagine was a passive-aggressive jab at how successful Lindsay used to be. (Dare we say that if she hadn't been seduced by drugs she could occupy the spot that Emma Stone does now?)

That's why I think Lindsay decided to dye her hair back to its natural red, as we see in these new photos that appeared online last night. She and her team probably watched the videos back and were floored when they saw how healthy she looked. OK, I'm playing in fantasy land a bit, but at the least you can imagine that her handlers saw an opportunity to stoke her fans' nostalgia to drive sales to whatever her next project is.

At first glance, it almost seems like we got back Linds from Freaky Friday and Mean Girls. But in this photo and others, you can clearly see Lindsay's collagen-injected lips and really obvious “pillow face” (probably from facial fillers). If anything, her drastically different face only serves to further highlight how far she's fallen from the potential she once had. Because here's how she looked circa 2004:

Lindsay Lohan healthy redhead 2004

The original posting about this on Oh No They Didn't currently has 17 pages' worth of comments, but I like this one from user egalitarianmuseRed is a color, not a miracle, but this is a good start.