LiLo’s Suffering From A Raging Case Of Pillow Face

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Watching the constant transformation of Lindsay Lohan's face impresses me almost as much as the fact she played BOTH twins in The Parent Trap. Someone photographed the actress-turned-rehab-junkie-turned-wannabe-actress in NYC this week as she prepares for her much anticipated hosting gig on Saturday Night Live this weekend. As much as we want her to actually get better and make good on her promise that she's on the path to recovery, we can't help but notice her face.

According to the Daily Mail, she's suffering from “a very puffy ‘pillow face' – the term given to women who overuse facial fillers.” While we don't want to draw conclusions as to why she's using facial fillers, we can guess it has something to do with the photo that we showed you the last time her face shocked us. It looked like it was missing something…and I guess that “something” might have been facial fillers.

What I can't understand is how celebrities in general get such bad work done to their faces. I have to assume they're paying top dollar for the best plastic surgeons and dermatologists, yet so many come out looking like they found their surgeon via Groupon. Can somebody, anybody riddle me that?

If Linds really wants a comeback, she has to start to cutback on all these bizarre facial transformations. Underneath it all, she's a very pretty young woman. Or used to be, at this point I'm not sure if she can restore herself completely. But she can start with laying off facial fillers and bad hair colors. Bring back the spunky (drug-free) redhead who we used to love.