Actually LiLo Wasn’t Partying This Weekend, It Was Just Jamie Lee Curtis Borrowing Her Body

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lindsay lohan rehab sentencing march 18 2013Everyone's all up in arms that Lindsay Lohan spent this past weekend partying hard despite her recent court order to go to rehab. But I'm not worried at all. Mostly because it's all too clear to me what's going on here. Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan switched bodies. Again. On one hand, it's like J.L.C, it's time to get over Chad Michael Murray. On the other hand, he's still very cute. So I get it.

Unfortunately for Lindsay, not everyone gets it as well as I do. Hence The Daily Mail posting several exclusive photos of the former starlet partying with her new boyfriend this weekend. New boyfriend? Yep, Lindsay Lohan continues to find success on eHarmony.com by using the profile name IAmALifeSizePrairieHomeCompanionWithAParoleOfficer. While Max George from The Wanted was once the man of her dreams, she's now moved on to Avi Snow. Which apparently isn't a code name for drugs, but a real live human being who plays in some band called City of the Sun. They're totally in love. Soooo in love that I'll go on the record and say that I bet they last through the end of the month!

Even though they went to a super exclusive club in Santa Monica this weekend, some paparazzi still got close enough to snap a few photos of Lilo. Which made her freak out and go all confessions of a teenage drama queen on him.

A witness told MailOnline the actress was furious when she realised she had been photographed. ‘She said “Don't even try it” and then got in the car and screamed.' Perhaps realising it was not ideal for the embattled star to be seen at a bar, her new boyfriend shouted at their driver, ‘He was yelling ‘Go, go, go”' the witnessed said. While Lindsay was unhappy as she made a dive for the waiting car outside the venue, inside she was spotted have a very good time indeed.

Luckily she did not let being spotted at a bar stop her from having a good time, a very good time indeed.  Which means I can personally sleep a little easier at night. The only thing we really have to worry about now is Jamie Lee Curtis switching back into her own body before she accidentally gets herself locked up in rehab.

Uh oh, do I smell a great movie plot developing? Yes, yes I do.

(Photo: Pacific Coast News)