Oprah Curses At Lindsay Lohan In The Trailer For Her Reality Show, So This Will Be Intense

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Lindsay Lohan Oprah documentary trailer 2014

It was pretty much inevitable that Oprah Winfrey would grab hold of Lindsay Lohan after she got out of rehab and use her to remind the world that OWN is an actual network that exists. And it worked. After her tell-all interview with Lindsay last year, I remembered that OWN exists. Don't make me tell you what channel number it is on my cable, because I have no idea. But I know it exists. Apparently Oprah really wants me to know the number, though, because she didn't stop with just the interview. She also had cameras follow Lindsay around and record her post-rehab life for a new docu-series (a fancy name for a reality show) called Lindsay. The trailer is here, and saying this show looks intense would be the understatement of the year.

The trailer features sound bytes from Lindsay talking candidly about her struggles with alcohol. We get a glimpse at her experience with the paparazzi, and there's even a few seconds of Lindsay confronting her dad Michael for being a total dick. It also looks like Lindsay hasn't given up her favorite pastime of being irresponsible, as she makes the crew wait around for her and causes Oprah to go, “This is exactly what everybody said was gonna happen. And I believed differently.” Well Oprah, if we're being honest, that was pretty dumb of you.

One of the most disheartening parts of the trailer comes when Lindsay's sober coach is asked point blank whether she's sober, and he just says, “You know…” and then hesitates. And to make things even more intense, there's a moment where Oprah actually curses at Lindsay, telling her “You need to cut the bullshit.” I can't say I'm confident this will knock any sense into Lindsay, since she's sort of turned into the little celebrity who cried wolf. But there's no doubt that Oprah's selling event television here. This looks super-dramatic and pretty compelling, and as a celeb-obsessed public we won't be able to look away when it premieres on OWN this Sunday at 10/9c.