Lindsay Lohan On New Year’s Eve

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Updated: Lindsay Lohan was spotted hanging out with friends on New Year’s Eve in St. Barths in the French West Indies. The photo source said the guy in the photo was Lindsay’s friend Adam Senn, but commenters are saying it’s not him, so I changed the post. Some think it is dj JusSke.

Lindsay Lohan on New Year s Eve FP 4294538 PIS Lohan Lindsay1231090 fixed jpg

Tabloids have speculated for a while that Lindsay and Adam are more than friends, but Lindsay has said they are just friends, calling it lame b.s.”

The quality of these photos aren’t very good, but there are more sets of Lindsay out on New Year’s Eve that are better. As you can tell, Lindsay isn’t really happy with whoever is taking the pictures.


Image: Fame Pictures