Lindsay Lohan Actually Looked Good Ringing In 2012

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You would think that New Year's Eve would be the last situation during which Lindsay Lohan would be able to keep her cool—what with resolutions to do better next year and flowing champagne, it seems the perfect formula to wreck the starlet's delicate cool. Imagine our surprise, then, when we came across this photo of LiLo looking relaxed and clear-eyed at an end-of-year party.

The festivities took place at John Burnham‘s house; he's Diane Keaton‘s agent, and the party was thrown in Woody Allen‘s honor. In response to the pic, Diane tweeted at Lindsay, YOU LOOKED BEAUTIFUL LAST NIGHT.

It's so touching to see Lindsay actually sober and looking like she's enjoying herself. (I believe that's Jeffrey Alan Marks from Million Dollar Decorators beside her.) Coincidentally, I caught Mean Girls this weekend and marveled at how the Lindsay of seven years ago had an apple-cheeked smile and sparkling eyes, as opposed to the wrung-out creature we were so used to.

Not to mention an endorsement from Diane Keaton! Maybe Lindsay is turning things around.