Lindsay Lohan Is Finally Impressing Me, Able To Stalk Two Guys Simultaneously

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Lindsay Lohan At Nozomi RestaurantThis is the first time in a long time I've been able to say this, but Lindsay Lohan, you are impressing me. Last I heard, LiLo was in jolly old Londontown to stalk Max George, of The Wanted, but now it appears she's doing double-duty because she was photographed leaving a restaurant with some other laddie just last night.

Lindsay Lohan seen leaving Nozomi Restaurant with boyfriend, Josh Chunn and her minder in LondonHis name is Josh Chunn, and he's a personal trainer and model whom the tabloids are already boldly calling Lindsay's boyfriend. I guess it's not that far off the mark, because she's been romantically linked to him since November of 2012, and if you consider this is Lindsay we're talking about, any man who can still stand to be around her after two months is not only her boyfriend, he's gotta be in love with her.

But regardless, I haven't been giving Lindziloo enough credit, because stalking one guy is hard work. Stalking two simultaneously is unimaginable. It's endless days of crawling out of the baggage compartment of the The Wanted bus in the morning and then running straight to the airport to pick up her luggage and Chunn and fly to London. Exhausting. But I also think I don't really know how money works, because in my brain, Lindsay Lohan has none of it. She has court bills, tax debt, and lawsuits, all of which I'm fairly positive cost money. And yet she's flying to London for New Years Eve and bringing a whole human with her? I can't even afford to bring a carry-on anymore, and that's only fifty extra dollars. I must be confused about currency, because otherwise this makes approximately zero sense.

…except that Lindsay apparently got paid to go to this party. Ahhhh it's all becoming clear now. It was a New Years Eve celebration for Haji Abdul Azim, the Prince of Brunei, and LiLo and Stitch were reportedly paid $100,000 just to walk in the doors and not immediately snort it all up their noses. Allegedly. It's a pretty sweet life, but that's what you get when you become really good at one thing. No, not acting! Stalking! It's the only thing Lindsay's been good at in a very long time.

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