Lindsay Lohan Posts The N-Word On Instagram, Quickly Pretends It Never Happened

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Lindsay Lohan Posts The N Word On Instagram  Quickly Pretends It Never Happened Lindsay Lohan holla peace signs gif

If you were thinking that Lindsay Lohan had somehow become a mature, respectful, self-aware human person just because she starred in a play and hasn’t crashed any cars lately, you would be wrong.

Case in point: her use of the N-word on social media last night. If you’re rushing to find it on her Twitter and Instagram pages right now, you’re out of luck. She quickly deleted the word without acknowledging it, because celebrities still haven’t grasped the concept that everything you post on the Internet is forever, from your unflattering selfies to your embarrassing typos to your racial epithets.

TMZ has a screengrab of the original message, which Lindsay posted to Twitter and Instagram to accompany a photo from Kanye West’s performance at Paris Fashion Week. Here’s what it said:

#kanye&kimAlldayni**a$ fun show #PFW #goodpeople=goodlife [praying hands emoji] all from good moms!!!!!! @dinalohan @krisjenner

And no, her version didn’t have the asterisks. She deleted the tweet with the Instagram link and edited the photo’s caption so the hashtag read, according to TMZ’s second screengrab: “#kanye&kimAlldayn$.” So it still might not actually say the N-word, but it’s still implying it. Unless that’s supposed to mean “Kanye & Kim all day ‘n money.” She’s lucky those three just happen to be in a polyamorous relationship, otherwise people might think she’s saying something offensive. Haha just kidding, everyone knows what she really meant, as evidenced by the many commenters who told her they saw her original caption. It looks like she edited it again to take out the N and $ entirely, based on how the caption appears now.

But of course, just because it no longer includes the N-word doesn’t mean the caption isn’t still offensive. The sloppy use of hashtags with special characters? Multiple exclamation points? Random emojis? THE SUGGESTION THAT DINA LOHAN AND KRIS JENNER ARE GOOD MOMS?! Wash your mouth out with soap, young lady! And while you’re at it, get someone to proofread your tweets and Instagrams before you send them.

UPDATE: Lindsay’s rep released a statement about the incident saying of Kanye, “She is a friend of his, it is his new song, her intention was not to offend anyone and she apologizes!”

Lindsay then posted the following photo on Instagram. Oh brother.


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