Crushable’s Definitive List Of Lindsay Lohans’ Best Movies

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Once upon a time you could utter the phrase “Lindsay Lohan, the actress,” without choking on your coffee at its ridiculousness. The Parent Trap twinsAnnie and Hallie, were your incredibly stylish, fictional BFF's, who you still think of nostalgically when munching on Oreo's and peanut butter (sorry MK&Ashley). Cady, not pronounced Caddy, undoubtedly wins the superlative for most quoted. And secretly, you were rooting for romance between her and Chad Michael Murray after Freaky FridayAh, the good ol' days, when the phrase “LiLo” was paired with “Stitch” and not accompanied by tabloid headlines like “DUI” or rehab or her switching rehab!

In honor of LiLo's big return to TV tonight, we've compiled a list of every movie she's ever made. And we're assigning you the impossibly difficult task of ranking them from best to worst, the latter being the real feat. Good luck not spending hours thinking about your choices here.

Best Lindsay Lohan Movies List
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