Lindsay Lohan And Tina Fey Are Planning A Mean Girls Reunion, So Fetch Might Finally Happen

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Lindsay Lohan And Tina Fey Are Planning A Mean Girls Reunion  So Fetch Might Finally Happen Lindsay Lohan Mean Girls grool gif

Last night Lindsay Lohan went on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote her new docuseries where Oprah yells at her. Thankfully Jimmy knows what the people want, so he got Lindsay to admit that she and Tina Fey have discussed putting together a Mean Girls reunion. As soon as she mentioned this I did a double take and was all, “What are you saying about?” You guys, this is not a drill. Start dusting off your quotes and get out your best Wednesday pink, because this might be really happening. Not since Adele Dazeem have we as a human race been so united by something.

I just love the chain of conversation that leads to this revelation from Lindsay. It almost sounds like she hadn’t planned to talk about it and Jimmy somehow managed to get an exclusive out of her with no planning. I think it’s pretty obvious that’s not what happened, but props to Jimmy and LiLo for making it almost seem that way. They go from talking about meeting Robert De Niro backstage during Jimmy’s premiere to explaining why she uses the word “quiche” to relating “quiche” to “fetch” to mentioning that Mean Girls is ten years old to discussing when LiLo ran into Tina Fey backstage at the same premiere and talked about the reunion. Phew! That was a lot, but we got there. Go team!

According to Lindsay, Tina has spoken to Lorne Michaels about putting together some kind of reunion, which means it has to happen, right? RIGHT? Unless Lindsay Lohan is pulling our legs. Is Jimmy Kimmel in on this? I’d like to think he has enough sense to understand why there should be zero pranking when it comes to Mean Girls. And hopefully LiLo understands that too. Because how excited am I about the prospect of this reunion? The limit does not exist.

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