Lindsay Lohan Adds ‘Boy Band Groupie’ To Her Nonexistent Resume

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Since the overall consensus regarding Liz & Dick didn't provide the career resurrection Lindsay Lohan was undoubtedly expecting, she's decided to switch career gears and become a boy band groupie for The Wanted.

When I first glanced at these Radar Online photos from the Z100 Jingle Ball concert last night, I thought Dina Lohan decided to pull a Kris Jenner and randomly deem herself a band manager.  Needless to say, Lindsay Lohan has seen better days.  Between the face fillers, lip injections, and what appears to be a textbook case of “coke nose” (Google it), I sometimes forget that Lindsay is my age and not 47.

We first learned about her devotion to The Wanted after she punched a psychic at a bar last week after the psychic began arguing with Lindsay over Max George.  Don't you just hate it when that happens?  Barbie-doll-wannabe psychics are forever coming up to me in night clubs!  Ugh.  Anyway, last week's brawl opened our eyes to the newfound, genuine, reach-for-the-stars, World Series kind of love Max George and Lindsay Lohan are engaged in.

Upon learning of Lindsay's latest arrest/declaration of love, Max George decided that Lindsay should become his ladyfriend and attend the Jingle Ball as a guest of The Wanted.  Surprising no one, he told the HuffPost:

“I love that she can party nearly as hard as we can.  We had a big night on the bus where Ed Sheeran came on with us and a few of our mates as well, and we just had one big party. It was great!”


Laughably, Max George is under the impression that the band “isn't the best influence” on Lohan.  Oh, honey.  This girl has nine lives, all of which could run circles around your one life.  Most 26 year-olds don't have a George Burns croak, you know?  You have to really earn something like that.

Have no fear, Max George.  Something tells me Lindsay will end up teaching you lads more than you ever learned in an English prep-school classroom.


(Photo: WENN)