Lindsay Lohan Followed Max George All The Way To England To Continue Stalking Him

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Party in the United K?  Seems that way.  Lindsay Lohan has officially “crossed the pond” to continue pretending her love for Max George is real and probably meet Kate Middleton for tea.  Just kidding!

If you're interested in celebrity wardrobes and that sort of thing, feel free to check out the Liza Minelli-esque fur coat she wore upon arrival.  Our little LiLo is never one to be subtle, is she?

An elusive but probably totally reliable source tells E! News that while in London, Lindsay Lohan plans to see her boy-band crush, Max George of The Wanted. “She likes him and he likes her, but nothing has come of it,” the source says of Lindsay and Max.  Ugh, isn't that just the way it always goes?  I bet he really wants to be serious about Lindsay, but he probably finds it hard to express his emotions about such a delicate flower.

At first I assumed that she flew all the way over there to ring in the new year the groupie way, but The Wanted is scheduled to appear on Ryan Seacrest's New Year's Rockin' Eve tomorrow night.

I'm not a gambling woman, but I'd be willing to bet my pitiful life savings that Dina Lohan has tagged along for the Lohan British Bonanza Weekend.  Which means they'll probably celebrate the start of 2013 in a haze of denial, cocaine, and inappropriate mommy kisses.  Cheers!

(Photo: WENN)