Lindsay Lohan Marie Claire UK Interview

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Lindsay Lohan is cover girl for the November issue of Marie Claire UK magazine. If you recall, Lindsay was recently cover girl for the US version of Marie Claire as well.

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In her interview with Marie Claire UK, which appears to have been done at the same time as the US one, Lindsay opens up about a lot of concrete issues in her life:

On her dad: “It was kind of just like whether [my dad] was gonna be there, what he would be like. We didn’t know what to expect from him, which was difficult. I knew so much at the age of 12 – I’d seen so much. So it’s surprising to me that I got into certain things that I got into, because I knew not to.”

On her stint in rehab: “It was like a vacation, because no one bothered me.”

On having children: “At some point, I want to adopt a kid as well. A child in need or a new born from another country. I’m not sure.”

On making music: “Obviously I want to sell records, but I do it because I find it therapeutic. In music I can be myself.”

Take a sneak peak inside the Lindsay Lohan edition of Marie Claire UK here and some photos here.

Images via IPC Media, Photographer: Mark Abrahams for Marie Claire