Lindsay Lohan Dancing To Christmas Music Is Simultaneously Sexy And Deeply Depressing

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Lindsay Lohan Love Magazine advent calendar Christmas dance December 2014Hey, can you send an adult over here? I just watched Lindsay Lohan doing a sensual little Christmas dance for that Love Magazine advent calendar thing and now I think I have a sadness boner?? What is this sensation?

In case it didn't make sense to you back there when I strung the words ‘love magazine' and ‘advent calendar together', let me explain real quick. It's a thing that Love has been doing where every day in December, they release a new video of a different celebrity getting in the holiday spirit by dancing around to Christmas songs, typically in their underwear. They've had everyone from Adriana Lima to Suki Waterhouse to Kendall Jenner (followed one-upped swiftly by Kris Jenner, I'm not even kidding), and now they have our gal LiLo.

I think part of what's confusing me is that the last time I saw Lindsay dancing around in a Christmas-y fashion, it was for the movie Mean Girls in 2004. And I don't know if you've been keeping tabs on Linds, but she's lived a lot of life since then, and it shows up all over her face. But only some of the time! For a lot of this clip she's relaxed, smiling, and bright-eyed, and I'm like okay sure! I'm not even a straight dude, and I can dig this. But then we get to the end, and all of a sudden the light in her eyes is snuffed out, her mouth is slackly hanging open, and I'm flaccid and sad, remembering the girl we lost.

See what I mean? It's a regular Christmas roller coaster of emotion.