Lindsay Lohan Continues Her Rehab Tour Of America By Checking Into A New Facility

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Lindsay Lohan LAX April 2013

Who knew we'd continue to have so many things to say about Lindsay Lohan during her 90-day rehab sentence. Is it so much to ask that a celebrity enter rehab without any complaints or special accommodations and then complete their required time without any fuss, only to emerge three months later to immediately do something else to put them in rehab for another 90 days? It's the circle of life, and it helps me sleep at night. But Lindsay Lohan just keeps doing it all wrong. According to TMZ, she's checked out of Betty Ford and has entered Cliffside rehab facility in Malibu, which was apparently approved by all the important people who approve these things, like the judge and lawyers involved in the case. Michael Lohan didn't even have to wear a fake mustache and an orderly uniform and wheel Lindsay out on a breakfast cart. Just “Yeah, sure, go ahead.”

But she was doing so well! And by “well,” I mean that she had stayed put for a reasonable amount of time. Sure she allegedly plans to get back on Adderall after rehab and invited her dealer to visit her at Betty Ford. But she was in one place for longer than 2.7 seconds, so I thought things were cool. Apparently Betty Ford is better suited for a 30-day program, which LiLo has completed, and Cliffside is a better choice for her to finish up her 90-day sentence. Call me crazy, I didn't major in rehab in college or anything, but maybe she could have gone to Cliffside in the first place? I mean, after she already entered a non-approved center on the opposite side of the country from where she was supposed to be, wouldn't you want to find a place where she'll stay put for the full 90 days?

I'm pretty sure the people in charge have just given up on trying to prevent Lindsay's shenanigans. But the problem is that shenanigans breed more shenanigans, until suddenly LiLo is just running the whole rehab facility and nobody knows how it happened.

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