Lindsay Lohan’s Laptop Got Stolen In China, So Brace Yourself For The Naked Photos

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Lindsay Lohan Liz & Dick Premiere Los Angeles California November 20 2012

Lindsay Lohan's laptop was apparently stolen at the airport during her recent trip to China. According to The Daily Mail, Lindsay tweeted (then deleted) the information to her followers, saying she's “offering a reward for anyone who can retrieve and rtn it, bummer to go home w/o it.” She of course offers no reward amount, so for all we know it could be five dirty pennies and an autographed photo. You might be wondering what could possibly be on this computer that Lindsay is so eager to get back.

Maybe she's a classic Carrie Bradshaw and she didn't back up her punny writing. Or maybe she Googled “lindsay lohan is amazing” one too many times and is embarrassed. I guess she could just have some personal stuff on there that she'd rather not people see. I wonder what that could be. It could be business documents or addresses or medical records. But let's just stop pretending it's any of those things and admit that it's probably naked pictures. You're thinking it, I'm thinking it, and TMZ is thinking it. They've apparently even gone beyond thinking it and started knowing it.

TMZ says they've learned Lindsay's computer contains “a bunch of nude photos of herself” from photo shoots that weren't supposed to be released. TMZ also says the  computer contains “private correspondence” with people like Woody Allen and Lady Gaga. I don't know about you, but I'm way more interested in those conversations than I am about the naked photos. If there's one thing I love, it's witnessing a conversation between two unlikely celebrities, especially when one of them doesn't want us to see.

Concerning the naked photos, however, I'm not totally sure why Lindsay would even mind at this point. She was naked in The Canyons, posed for Playboy and has been sharing photos of her phantom nipple on Instagram since she left rehab. Maybe she would just prefer to leak those photos herself. Either way, so begins the hunt for Lindsay Lohan's laptop. Let's hope, after all this hubbub, that she doesn't end up remembering she didn't even take her laptop to China and find it somewhere in her house. Actually, my money's on that outcome.

(Photo: Thomas Janssen/PacificCoastNews)