Um, Here’s A Super Weird Sketch Lindsay Lohan Did With Jimmy Fallon Last Night

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So I totally woke up this morning prepared to have a normal day. Maybe a little light breakfast, maybe a little lite celebrity stalking, nothing out of the ordinary. Then I saw this incredibly bizarre video from last night's episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon starring Lindsay Lohan.

Guys, when I say that this video confused me, I mean it. I can't even analyze what's happening in it. I can't even faux-analyze it. That's how strange it made me feel.

Let me set the scene for you before you dive in. Jimmy Fallon and Lindsay Lohan are both wearing blonde wigs. You know what, maybe Linds isn't wearing a wig and that's her real hair. Who knows, it's Lindsay. We don't even know if she still has hair. There's always the possibility that Dina Lohan glues strands to her head every morning because someone once told that's a thing mothers and daughters do together.

Hair aside, Jimmy Fallon sings “let us play with your look” over and over again throughout the entire sketch. While that's going on, Lindsay Lohan's actually putting some kind of lard into a man's hair. Apparently Jimmy's done this before with other celebrity guests. But I don't know, something about it rubs me the wrong way.

But here, have a look for yourself. If this video's any indication, Liz & Dick will be phenomenal. Lindsay proves once again just how good she is at getting into character. At least I hope that's what she's doing here.