Hurricane Sandy Brought Jimmy Fallon And Lindsay Lohan Together

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Earlier this week we talked about how Jimmy Fallon and David Letterman went ahead and did their shows without studio audiences during Hurricane Sandy, but we forgot to include another late-night host in that roundup: Bravo's Andy Cohen. While the storm was raging, Andy shot Watch What Happens Live from the Bravo Clubhouse despite it being located in evacuation Zone A.

Though some guests haven't made it because of the storm, Andy's still had some entertaining episodes this week. And last night he had a fellow celebrity evacuee: Jimmy Fallon stopped by in casual wear to report on how he and other celebrities were faring with the hurricane in Manhattan. Aside from joking about his poor preparedness for the storm, Jimmy also shared a funny anecdote about running into none other than Lindsay Lohan when he was staying at the Four Seasons.

“Dude, this is a true story. This really went down last night,” Jimmy explained as he launched into his story. He didn't mind sharing the name of the hotel since he's since left and is hoping his power and water are back on. But before he left, he decided to hit up Manhattan's Asian fusion eatery Tao.

“I'm leaving and I hear, ‘Jimmy! Jimmy!' I turn around, it's Lindsay Lohan. She goes, ‘What's up?' I go, ‘What do you mean? The hurricane, man. Everyone's out here.' She goes, ‘Are you here by yourself?' I go, ‘Yeah.' She goes, ‘How embarrassing.'”

Here Jimmy shrugged, because a guy who can do a show to an empty studio audience isn't easily embarrassed about being caught eating alone. “‘OK, yeah,' I say. She goes, ‘Why don't you just eat with us? Come hang out with us.' I go, ‘All right.' So we went down — me, Lindsay, and her two friends who were very, very funny — we talked about Andy Cohen.” Turns out Lindsay and her pals are fans of the Real Housewives franchise, because her mom Dina knows Jill Zarin. (That's a whole other post right there.)

“And how did Lindsay seem?” Andy pressed. “Was she good?”

“She was fantastic,” Jimmy said. “She was loose, and cool—”

“Sobes?” Andy interrupted.

“Sobes? Totally sobes, yeah. She was good and loose and goofy, and she was telling me, she gave me some bands that she's into.” Jimmy seemed really impressed with Lindsay's behavior, so it could be that she really is weathering this storm responsibly. There's no reason why he'd feel the need to bullshit us about her emotional state at this point. After all, there are more important things out there.

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