Lindsay Lohan Wants Amanda Bynes Arrested Because It’s Like Totally Unfair If She Isn’t

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Remember that time Lindsay Lohan went to jail for 10 minutes back in 2010 for repeatedly violating her probation? Well, yeah, she remembers too. Kinda. It's foggy and easily confused with the time she shot the movie Life-Size with Tyra Banks.

But regardless, she thinks it's like totally unfair that the cops won't arrest Amanda Bynes. Even though she's doing everything the court's told her she's not supposed to be doing — such as continuing to drive on a suspended license.

Yesterday the former-child-star-who-will-now-only-be-remembered-as-that-girl-who-cannot-drive-in-general-and-legally finally got her car impounded for being caught driving on a suspended license again.

But Lindsay Lohan's not satisfied with her car being compounded. No, she's seen too many E! True Hollywood Stories based on her own life and she wants justice. Justice for child stars everywhere who do get arrested after breaking the law a thousand times over.

So she took to Twitter last night to discuss this matter eloquently and poetically.

While Linds only had 140 characters to get her message out, she succeeded in layering it with just enough double meaning that it would leave everyone wondering what in god's name she was talking about. Not only does she call out Amanda Bynes, but she also insinuates that Nickelodeon stars have some kind of deal with the cops that allows them to do illegal things.

You know, because so many Disney stars end up in jail day after day. The jails in LA are just packed with children who can sing, dance, act and deal crack. It's a racket and it's time that someone called them out on their blatant favoritism toward Disney shows. Naturally that someone is Lindsay Lohan.

Get this girl a camera crew and we can have a feature length expose on our hands showing everyone exactly what's going on in this so-called legal system.

For example, Doug Funny got caught hiring a prostitute while operating a meth lab out of his stolen car at a Beets concert. But he all he got was a slap on the wrist from the judge and a required week-long hosting gig on The View.

Justify that LAPD!

Then, while you're at it, arrest Michael Lohan. I'm still having trouble coming to terms with that time he wore a mesh shirt in public and I think if you're going to arrest innocents like LiLo for no reason, you might as well nab one who's actually causing the public harm.

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