Lindsay Lohan Ignores Paparazzi While Shopping

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The paparazzi thought their questioning tactics would be successful while following Lindsay Lohan shopping on Sunday.

Lindsay was questioned numerous times as she entered and left various boutiques in the Los Angeles area about the accident Saturday night where a paparazzo claims Lindsay’s car injured him.

I couldn’t hear Lindsay’s responses on the video, but I guess at one point she mumbled that it wasn’t a hit and run. The LAPD’s investigation also found the accident not a hit and run.

The paparazzi also question her on why Lindsay’s driver was wearing sunglasses the night of the accident. I guess they are insinuating that the accident wouldn’t have occurred if she would have took the glasses off.

You will notice that Lindsay’s driver honks a few times before backing up. Can’t say I blame her.

What I want is a video of the paparazzi surrounding a celebrity’s vehicle to show how they practically surround the celeb’s car with no room for a safe exit. That’s what needs to change. The paparazzi are setting celebs and their drivers up by not moving to a safe distance when they are preparing to drive.