Lindsay Lohan Tweets About Hurricane Sally, Clearly Auditioning For An Al Roker Biopic

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Looks like Lindsay Lohan is on quite the high from playing Elizabeth Taylor in the upcoming Lifetime biopic Liz & Dick. In fact she's on such a high that she feels confident roleplaying several different parts these days.  During the debates she stepped in as a political commentator via her Twitter — and now in light of Hurricane Sandy coming to destroy us all, she's trying out her  “Al Roker” character, just the tips, just to see if it works for her.

It's incredible to believe that the girl who once wowed us by playing both cars in Herbie Fully Loaded now takes time out of her busy schedule to tweet such lovely messages our way.

Sure she doesn't know the name of the storm and sure she's under the impression that positive thoughts could drive it back into the depths of the ocean. But you can't fault a girl for reading The Secret and believing that positive thoughts are enough to counter one of the biggest storms to ever travel up the East Coast.

Nor can you blame her for getting confused between a hurricane caused by nature and the concept of peace. The two really go hand-in-hand. If only we would stop the wars, the weather would stop the hurricanes.

So let us all take a moment and remember that Hurricane Sally's just a few positive prayers away from being forgotten.

Hurricane Sandy on the other hand…