A Guy Says: Lindsay Lohan Was Nothing But Selfless The Other Night

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Lindsey Lohan allegedly hit a pedestrian with her car this week in New York City.  Of course, I’m using the term allegedly lightly.  As in, “Allegedly, the earth has a moon.”  She allegedly hit a person, allegedly got out of the car to see if he was okay.  Oh, did I say, “he?”  I meant “her car,” and then walked into the bar she was initially driving to.

Some people are faulting her for this.  I’m not one of those people.  After all, when you’re Lindsay Lohan there’s no reason to stay at a place where the police are about to arrest me.  There are many reasons for this.

For example, the line to the bar was probably really long.  Clearly, she had to get in line.  Checking to see if the person you’ve struck with your car is okay can take a long time.  I mean, we’ve all been there.  It’s a situation we can all empathize with.

You have to stand there and ask them if they’re hurt and wait for a response as they lie there groaning.  “Hey, didn’t you hear me?  Are you okay?  Speak up!  I can’t understand you!”  Then, you have to apologize and wonder what led your life to this point and wait for the ambulance.  By the time you’ve done all that, the bar’s packed, you have to wait for ten minutes for a drink, and it wasn’t even worth going in the first place.

If anything, staying with the person she hit with her car (allegedly) would have been selfish.  She would have taken the spotlight away from the injured person.  And because of the courageous action Lindsay Lohan took by going into that bar and ignoring the situation completely, the injured man received the medical attention he so desperately needed.  Unlike, Taylor Swift, who is a selfish wedding crasher, Lindsay Lohan had the decency not to crash this man’s traumatic experience.

Imagine what might have happened had she stayed with the man throughout the ordeal.  The EMTs would have arrived on the scene and been star struck.  “Hey, you’re Lindsay Lohan, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am.  This man’s injured.”

“Will you sign my stethoscope?”

“I will after you help this man who I’ve just hit with my car.  He’s badly injured!”

“Who cares?  I’m meeting Lindsay Lohan.  The greatest actress of her generation.”

And, is it just me, or shouldn’t we be honored when a celebrity hits us with their car?  How often do celebrities go out of their way like that to become so intimately involved in an ordinary person’s life.  Usually you have to be the victim of some sort of natural disaster to get that sort of attention, and those people are always thankful.

Plus, the whole thing seems like a money-making experience to me.  People sell signed pictures of Lindsay Lohan online all the time.  Imagine how much a signed bruise or laceration would fetch on e-Bay?  With the right settlement?  Maybe a couple million dollars.

From my perspective, Lindsay Lohan made all the right choices.  Did she make a mistake by hitting the guy?  Yes.  But we are not judged by the mistakes we make, but by how we respond to them.  And by all accounts, Lindsay Lohan responded with the grace and selflessness that we’ve come to expect from her.