First Look: Lindsay Lohan And Her Puffed-Up Lips On Glee

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Lindsay Lohan Glee photos lips

We at Crushable can't remember the last time that we looked at a photo of Lindsay Lohan and thought, Everything about her looks good. There's always some disturbing detail, from her strawlike platinum hair to what could be a new nose to her raging pillow face, to turn our stomachs. She's gone from a genuinely lovely young woman to a Frankenstarlet cobbled together out of disparate pieces that someone in Hollywood is telling her is attractive. It's really a tragedy.

In these photos from Lindsay's guest spot on Glee, the feature that's most throwing us off is her lips. She's playing an enhanced version of herself, but it sounds like she was confused and actually got some work done before arriving on-set. (Maybe that's why she was late?) The puffy snarl she's baring in the above photo — with Rex Lee, who I so thought was better than this — just looks so unnatural.

Lindsay Lohan Glee photos lips

Hollywood Crush reports that in this photo Lindsay is arguing with the other celebrity judges, presumably in New Directions' favor since she knows the power of fostering talent at a young age. But really, this will be what our faces look like when we yell at the screen during Lindsay's inevitable bad acting.

Photos: MTV