Lindsay Lohan Drops Off Top 10 Search List

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Lindsay Lohan drops off Top 10 search list 20091027 zaf d94 047 lindsay lohan zuma press 379x590 jpgThe annual lists compiled separately by Google and Yahoo, released on Tuesday, found that the No. 1 Internet search in 2009 was Michael Jackson.

Lindsay Lohan, as well as President Barack Obama and other celebrities including Jessica Alba, Miley Cyrus and Angelina Jolie all fell off the 2009 list of Top 10 Internet searches.

Lindsay Lohan was listed as No. 8 on Yahoo’s 2008 Top 10 searches.

This year’s Top 10 searches according to Google included: 1. Michael Jackson; 2. Facebook; 3. tuenti; 4. twitter; 5. sanalika; 6. new moon; 7. lady gaga; 8. window 7; 9. dantri.com.vn; 10. torpedo gratis.

On Yahoo, the 2009 Top 10 searches included more celebrities: 1. Michael Jackson; 2. The Twilight Saga; 3. WWE; 4. Megan Fox; 5. Britney Spears; 6. Naruto; 7. American Idol; 8. Kim Kardashian; 9. NASCAR; 10. Runescape.

Even though Lindsay has dropped off the Top 10 list, I wonder how far down she has dropped. Something tells me she’s not too far down the list.

Image: Zuma Press